• Safmarine (Denmark)

    Mobile website, iPhone app, Android app, Web application
    Safmarine is a large shipping company based in Denmark. Bizzsms recently developed a state of the art mobile application for Safmarine. This application allows users to track containers, find the nearest agency and look up schedules. The hotlist uses push notifications and sends you a message when a container is moved.

    The app is downloadable on iPhone, Android and there is a mobile website available. The application received great media coverage "Based on developments in other industries, it appears inevitable that the carriers’ customers will increasingly want easy mobile solutions at their disposal" Sunday Spotlight, SeaIntel Maritime Analysis, 15 January 2012, issue 43.
  • PrivatAir (Switzerland)

    iPad app, Web application
    PrivatAir is a private jet airline company that is based in Geneva. For PrivatAir, Bizzsms developed a mobile auditing application for iPad. The application allows their auditors to fill in the full audit information on an iPad while being in the air. The auditor can include images and other relevant details. After landing all details about that specific flight are uploaded and can we analyzed using a web application. This allows real time results.

    PrivatAir has it’s own fleet of airplanes for Business Aviation, a division for schedules services and a PrivatTraining division. The PrivatAir headquarter is located in Geneva, PrivatAir also has registered offices in Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Brazzaville (Republic of Congo).
  • IKEA

    Web application
    Bizzsms recently developed an application for IKEA. The application allows their employees to order goods online. Based on the number of working hours in a week, the employee has credits at his disposal to spend in the online environment.
    The application has advanced tracking of data and a full integration with the systems of IKEA's logistics partner.

    Bizzsms assisted IKEA in the entire process, from idea to realisation, to implementation.
  • Red Bull

    Social media application
    Bizzsms is co-founder of LiveWall. LiveWall is an application that allows customers to display various types of interactive media such as social media messages, movies, images, Facebook pictures and RSS feeds on screens. The application can be used during events or as a narrowcasting application. The easy to use interface allows customers to customize their LiveWall by themselves.

    Red Bull was interested in the full solution for their events. Bizzsms created a custom application for Red Bull that shows social media messages in their design

  • Heyello

    Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Facebook application
    In 2011 Bizzsms launched Heyello. Heyello was first at the time to develop an application which enables you to design your own postcard and have it send to your friends using physical mail. The application is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Facebook. The application is easy to use and it takes just three steps to send a postcard to a contact in your phone or Facebook list. Within two working days the postcard arrives at the addressee.