The shipping and airline industry is going Mobile!
How are you doing in the world of Mobile?

Following the popularity of the smartphone, the explosion of mobile internet and the demands from customers for applications (apps), innovative businesses in the maritime and airline industry have implemented mobile applications that ensure their customers to be able to do business and track a cargo whenever, wherever they are. An example of a popular app is a tracking apps which allows customers to track and trace cargo’s and create a ‘hotlist’ using push notifications.

Bizzsms develops easy to use apps for the shipping and aviation industry that can be used from the web, on smartphones and on tablets. Our mobile applications have proven to be profitable marketing and customer service tools. Finally, mobile apps for the maritime industry offer a very good alternative for customers who are located in parts of the world where web based internet is not reliable. Brand yourself as an innovative business partner in the shipping or airlines industry. Be part of the app revolution in logistics!

Safmarine (Denmark)

Safmarine is a large shipping company based in Denmark. Bizzsms recently developed a state of the art mobile application for Safmarine. This application allows users to track containers, find the nearest agency and look up schedules. The hotlist uses push notifications and sends you a message when a container is moved.

The app is downloadable on iPhone, Android and there is a mobile website available. The application received great media coverage "Based on developments in other industries, it appears inevitable that the carriers’ customers will increasingly want easy mobile solutions at their disposal" Sunday Spotlight, SeaIntel Maritime Analysis, 15 January 2012, issue 43.

PrivatAir (Switzerland)

PrivatAir is a private jet airline company based in Geneva. For PrivatAir, Bizzsms developed a mobile auditing application for iPad. The application allows their auditors to fill in the full audit information on an iPad while being in the air. The auditor can include images and other relevant details. After landing all details about that specific flight are uploaded and can we analyzed using a web application we developed.

PrivatAir has it’s own fleet of airplanes for Business Aviation, a division for schedules services and a PrivatTraining division. The PrivatAir headquarter is located in Geneva, PrivatAir also has registered offices in Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Brazzaville (Republic of Congo).

MCC Transport (Singapore)

MCC Transport is a niche carrier with headquarters in Singapore. Bizzsms recently developed a user friendly, custom made mobile application for MCC Transport. This application allows users to track containers, find schedules, find out about the latest MCC news etc.

The application can be downloaded in the AppStore and allows MCC customers to have real time information at their fingertips wherever they are. It’s expected that the introduction of the app will result in less customer service calls to the agents.