Bizzsms helps you to implement a mobile marketing strategy

Bizzsms has built up years of experience in Mobile Marketing. Starting out in Sms Marketing the organisation quickly grew into offering a full spectrum of mobile marketing solutions. A mere few years ago, our phones were simple devices with limited functionality. Nowadays with the rise of the smartphone, people are used to doing business using their phones wherever they are. We notice that smartphone usage and consequently the usage of mobile applications is taking off. Mobile applications are a strong marketing and customer service tool. They are helpful in attracting new business and make it easier for companies to streamline this process. Bizzsms is excited to inform you about all the possibilities that mobile marketing solutions have to offer. We help to create a vision and strategy on mobile marketing.

Our Marketing strategy consultants are specialised in Mobile Marketing. One of our key advantages is that our Research & Development team is constantly implementing the newest marketing solutions (Facebook Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps) for multinationals at the forefront of mobile innovation. To conclude we combine practical and theoretical knowledge with an excellent market approach.


1. Needs Analysis
2. Analysis internal processes
3. Strategy
4. Feedback loop – Does it fit operations?
5. Solutions
6. Creation
7. Implementation

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