Mobile apps

Mobile apps are the core of the current mobile revolution. Already 10 billion apps were downloaded only from the Apple Appstore. The popularity of mobile applications is rising due to the friendliness and simplicity they offer to users and the endless profitable possibilities they offer to the user. Bizzsms develops apps for all platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Mobile applications are a great marketing and customer service tool and are highly valued by users. Furthermore, having mobile applications is an excellent way to brand your business as innovative and fresh. Be amongst the first movers, be part of the app revolution.

Web applications

Web applications are the heart of the current online economy. All of the social media platforms, latest customer service tools, e-commerce environments and mobile applications are (partly) web applications. By developing strategic web applications you can attract a lot of new customers, serve current customers even better or find out more about your customers. Bizzsms develops easy to use applications using the latest technologies and design standards in able to provide an optimal user experience.

Social media apps

Social networking is what we love. It accounted for nearly one in every five minutes spent on the internet. Needless to say that social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook provide amazing opportunities for marketing and sales purposes. Applications allow you to gather data of the users offering possibilities for intelligent marketing purposes. Also, these apps are perfect to gain fans and create a free marketing platform for your business. Make use of the public’s love affair with social media – get apps!

Mobile web apps

The latest technology allows us to create impressive mobile websites that have app like functionalities. The advantage of mobile web applications is that those applications are suitable for all devices. The downside however is that a lot of functionalities that are available in mobile apps such as GPS, photo functionalities etc. are not available. Bizzsms can help you decide what’s most suitable for your company at this stage. We analyse your needs and advice you on what’s most valuable for you to implement taking in account the market you operate in and the developments in the mobile market. We’re happy to share our knowledge!