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Bizzsms, your partner for application development

The popularity of smartphones resulted in an exponential growth of mobile apps.
The mobile web is quickly becoming bigger than regular internet.
Innovation drives society and applications are the drivers of innovation.
BizzSms is your partner for developing web, mobile or social media apps.

Mobile apps

Bizzsms develops easy to use apps for smart phones and tablets including Iphone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Mobile applications are a great marketing and customer service tool and are highly valued by users. Brand yourself as an innovative business partner, be part of the app revolution.
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Web applications

Bizzsms develops the most innovative web applications to improve your customer service and to optimize your e-commerce strategy. Web applications are the backbone of all new IT solutions.
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Social media applications

For real social media success you have to create social media applications. Integrate social data of the app users with your own interactive relevant content and bring social media value to your Facebook page.
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